Monday, October 6, 2008

Make your own chess visual aids

Cut outs: smiley faces for squares that indicate good moves and dangerous or illegal squares. Printed and laminated.
Poster boards: can buy in Brodies, Angelus Press and A&R
Below you can see how regular white material and felt are utilised. Felt is very good for creating WORD WALLS- place where you stick all new words that you want students to learn

Felt can be used for shields that have the name of the pieces and values.

Banners and flags:

Foam boards: from A&R, Brodies

You can also use regular poster boards for simpal visual aids that kids can create themselves.
You can also have kids create their own chess cartoon characters, color them and write stories about them.

And finally: great activity for creating chess boards with regular rocks. On the back of each piece/rock kids can draw arrows indicating how the piece moves.

CLICK here to see some Chess Materials